Chelsea manager Jose mourinho has branded FIFA Ballon d'Or as bad to football as it promotes individualism rather than team work.This has come as a result of series of conversation through out the week after UEFA president Michel platini sentiments that a Germany world cup player is supposed to win the award this year.This has drawn a lot of opposition from Real madrid complaining Cristiano ronaldo should win the award.

Mou said "This kind of trophy, the Ballon d'Or, is not good for football," the former Real Madrid and Inter boss told reporters. "This is why I don't care about it.

"Sometimes it looks like we are looking for stars, we are looking for some people to be more important than others. And this is not the culture we want in this club.

"I don't care about it. But it's there. It's there as a consequence of the good work the team is doing. And, if they feel that, okay. It's good for them.

"But the mentality here is not to be worried about that. Even less being obsessed with that.

"When I see these two names, Cesc Fabregas and Eden Hazard, I think clearly they don't think about it. They think about the team, about playing well and trying to win matches."

Similar sentiments were echoed by Arsenal boss Arsene wenger sometimes last year where he said" I am against individual awards. This is an endorsement of an individual which goes against the essence of our sport.

"I fight
like a mad man against the award, which hurts football. Unconsciously, the player is prompted to favor individual performance over that of the team."

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