Since the end of invincibles era many players have played for Arsenal some for short while and others stayed for quiet some time.Some moved out in search for green pastures,in search for glory elsewhere,ego,poor performance among many others.Many of them have been branded as traitors while others have preserved their respect from Arsenal fans.Some left as legends and others as flops and others average performers.

Robin van persie
Persie had a great time at Arsenal scoring 132 goals and spending 9 years at Arsenal.He left when the team needed him most but despite the great time he had in North london he is regarded as a Traitor.
Thiery Henry
A...hero..a..legend not only in Arsenal but also in the rest of EPL.His impact was immense not only for Arsenal but every team he represented.Having scored 228 goals for Arsenal in 8 seasons he is Arsenal highest scorer of all the time and probably Arsenal greatest player of all the time ....