Calum Chambers
Calum chambers
It six months since Calum chambers joined Arsenal from Southampton.Signing Chambers was a gamble for Arsene wenger since he was untested and inexperienced but despite that his contribution this season has been immense .He has been used mostly as a makeshift player in the defense and once as a center defending midfielder thanks to injuries to other players.

In a recent interview with he narrated his story from being Rickie lambert's boots cleaner to a top player....

Chambers: "I think it's the grounding that you're given as a young player at Southampton.
"If anyone steps out of line or comes in and thinks they're bigger than they are, they are told straightaway. Everyone's feet are kept firmly on the ground.
"I cleaned Rickie Lambert's boots for a couple of seasons - sometimes on cold winter nights.

"We were each given a player whose boots we had to clean at the end of every day, even if it was raining or snowing. That's another way of grounding people too.
"It was good for us. You wanted to get to the stage where you had a boot boy cleaning your boots, so it was something else that made you want to push on more.
"Being called up for England was a huge honour. When I went away with England for the first time, it helped me to have so many guys from Arsenal there.
"I think I've matured a lot since I joined Arsenal. I've worked on my game and I've gained a lot of experience both in playing in the Premier League and in Europe."