Santi Carzola has revealed the astonishing injury nightmare that left him with gangrene and prompted fears that his right leg could be amputated.
After an ordeal that included eight operations, an ankle skin graft from where his daughter’s name was tattooed on his arm, and a blood infection that caused him to lose eight centimetres of his Achilles tendon, Cazorla is targeting an improbable return early next year.
In an extraordinary interview with the Spanish newspaper
Marca , Cazorla admitted that doctors had said that he would be lucky to walk again, let alone perform on the elite Premier League stage.

“If you get to walk again with your son in the garden, be satisfied, they told me,” said Cazorla.
Despite ongoing pain and shocking photographic evidence, Cazorla retains his trademark smile and his determination to play again is constantly evident in his WhatsApp profile message. “I will not give pleasure to those who do not want me to play again – I will return,” it says.