26 best Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes on success, life and football

Whether which club you support, you can't deny Cristiano Ronaldo is one the greatest football player ever. Cristiano Ronaldo has transcended football to become one of the most famous personalities on the planet. Below w are some of his best quotes
Best cristiano Ronaldo Quotes

Whether which club you support, you can't deny Cristiano Ronaldo is one the greatest football player ever. Cristiano Ronaldo has transcended football  to become one of the most famous personalities on the planet. Off the pitch, he is a family man, astute businessman and a warm hearted person. 

Here some of his best quotes on success, family, life and football.

Motivational and inspirational quotes by Ronaldo

1. "I see myself as the best footballer in the world. If you don't believe you are the best, then you will never achieve all that you are capable of." 

2. "We don't want to tell our dreams. We want to show them." 

3. "Don't let small obstacles be in the way of being victorious. Remember you are stronger than the challenges you face."

4. "Dreams are not what you see in your sleep, dreams are things which do not let you sleep." 

On Fatherhood & family life

5. "It's such a unique and personal journey, but something that has completely changed me. It has shown me things about love I never knew existed. It has softened me and given me new perspective on what is really important in life."

6. "Becoming a parent and raising my family is honestly the greatest privilege I've had. I'm enjoying every second of it."

On the beautiful game

7. "I see football as an art and all players are artists. If you are a top artist, the last thing you would do is paint a picture somebody else has already painted."

8. "Without football, my life is worth nothing." 

Ronaldo on his haters

9. "May be they hate me because I'm too good."

10. "Your love makes me strong. Your hate makes me unstoppable."

Best cristiano Ronaldo Quotes

On his late Father

11. "When I was 7, I told my father I want a house like Michael Jackson. He looked at me and said this is impossible. Now I have a bigger house, but I don't have my father"

12. "My father was always in good spirits, he loved football. It makes me a bit sad because if he could enjoy seeing me now, what I have achieved, that would be a highlight in his life. But I'm sure that he watches over me from above."

On his fans

13. "I will never reject an autograph, hug or photo. I was also a fan."

The list can't be complete without a few quotes on Messi

14. "I don't miss him. Maybe he misses me. I played in England, Spain, Italy and Portugal. I'd like him to come to Italy one day and accept the challenge, like I did. But if he is happy, I respect him. He is a fantastic player."

15. "To be honest, there are no problems between me and Messi. People have their own opinions about who they think is the better player. It is what it is, but there is no rivalry beyond games and what happens on the pitch."

One thing about Ronaldo he's never short of self-confidence

16. "At my age, no player goes from my great club to another for €100m. I am a different athlete, a different person, with a different brain. Maybe that's why I've been on the mountain top for twelve years."

17. "I don't want to be compared to anyone―I'd like to impose my own style of play and do the best for myself and for the club here." 

On his Football father, Sir Alex Ferguson

18. "For meSir Alex was my father in football. He was crucial in my career and, outside of football, was a great human being with me. Talent isn't everything. You can have it from the cradle, but it is necessary to learn the trade to be the best." 

On his former clubs

19. "I'm proud to play for Real Madrid because I have fun; when you no longer have fun it's a sign that it's time to leave. For now though, I'm happy here at the greatest club in the world."

20. "At United, there are great traditions, which you can't buy in one or two years. They are created by victories. You need to prove again and again that you are better than the others. Manchester United have always done this, and are still doing it, so they are the best."

21. "After I joined, the manager asked me what number I'd like. I said 28. But Ferguson said 'No, you're going to have No. 7' and the famous shirt was an extra source of motivation. I was forced to live up to such an honour."

On teamwork

22. "Scoring goals is a great feeling, but the most important thing to me is that the team is successful – it doesn't matter who scores the goals as long as we're winning." 

23. "It gives me the happiest feeling in the world. I just love scoring. It doesn't matter if it's a simple goal from close range, a long shot or a dribble around several players, I just love to score all goals."

Best cristiano Ronaldo Quotes

A bit of irony here

24. "I don't understand referees. It appears like some players can't even be touched, but in my case, everyone can hit me as hard as they can."

On Francesco totti

25. "Francesco Totti is impressive. He is an example for all and someone we all look up to. He demonstrates that age is not important in football: if you feel good, you enjoy it. If you play at the level he does it's good for him, for football and also for the children, because we give them the idea that football has no limits."

Cristiano Ronaldo is not a fan of empty stadiums

26. "Playing without fans is like going to the circus and not seeing any clowns."

27. "I never promise anything. I don't promise anything to my mum. I don't promise anything to the supporters."

28. "I have a vision of the game. I see things differently than others do. That's what makes me unique."

29. "I don't have to speak about myself; I prefer to speak about the team and the collective effort."

30. "I'm always trying to be the best, on and off the pitch, to win titles and make history. That's what drives me."

31. "I'm not going to change the world. You're not going to change the world. But we can help, we can all help."

32. "I'm not a perfectionist, but I like to feel that things are done well. More important than that, I feel an endless need to learn, to improve, to evolve."

33. "I'm proud of who I am, and I don't need anyone to validate that."

34. "I'm not a machine, I'm a human being, I have feelings."

35. "I like to express myself in the field. I'm not afraid to show my emotions."

36. "I'm not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I've always been a freak. So I've been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I'm one of those people."

37. On Lionel Messi: "I have no doubt that Messi has made me a better player and vice versa. When I am retired, I will look at our matches and say: 'What a beautiful thing it was to have faced him."

38. On Neymar: "Neymar is a very good player. He has a lot of talent and skill, and he can change a game at any moment."

39. On Wayne Rooney: "Rooney is a fantastic player. He has everything - he can score goals, he can create goals, he can defend, he can attack. He's a complete player."


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