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Paul Pogba Net Worth in 2021, Salary & Endorsements

paul pogba quotes

Full Name

Paul Labile Pogba

Date Of Birth

15th march 1993

Place Of Birth

Lagby-Surname, France


Maria Zulay Salaues


Professional Footballer

Net Worth

$85 Million

Paul Labile Pogba is a French professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Manchester United and the French national team. He operates primarily as a central midfielder, but can also be deployed as an attacking midfielder, defensive midfielder, and deep-lying playmaker.

Paul Pogba Net Worth

Paul pogba moved back to Manchester united after 4 years with Juventus in 2016. He signed a five year contract at Old Trafford where he earns $20 million a year.
His annual income is however heavily supplemented through commercial deals and endorsements. 
According to Forbes, Pogba’s was the 5th highest paid footballer in 2018 making £23.2m ($29.5m). 
In 2016, Pogba signed a 10-year sponsorship contract with Adidas reported to be worth £31m.

Pogba's Networth in 2020 is estimated to be $85 million making him one of the richest footballers.

Paul Pogba Quotes

"I wasn't really interested in girls. Only football. I was just enjoying football all the time. There was a five-a-side next to the flat, and I used to play there all the time. It was all about football. I wanted to be a professional. That was my goal. I didn't want to be anything other than a footballer."

"I have to keep working hard and playing well because I don't like to be second or third: they're the worst places to be. You would be proud, of course, because it means you're on the way, but you want to finish first."

"The real Pogba is the one you see every time. You know, when I'm on the pitch, I cannot act. I'm not an actor. So when I'm in the pitch, I like to joke and laugh, and outside the pitch, I'm the same. For me, I'm normal. I come and play football. I do what I love."

"I'm more experienced, I've won titles at Juventus. I've been playing with big players like when I started at Man United, of course. I came back. I've not come back from the Academy now; I went to play somewhere else, and I came back, I would say, as a person, as an adult."

"I grew up in a flat with my brothers and my cousins. My brothers were in the same bed."

"Outside football, I just love life, you know. We're lucky to play football, to have all this body. Everyone's watching us. You see how many people, they come and watch the game. It's unbelievable, you see how many people they come. They shout your name and just enjoy life."

Paul pogba on winning FIFA world cup in 2018
“I was thinking a lot about my father. When I was younger, we watched the 1998 final together. He died. I thought of him, I was bringing the cup back for him. I looked up to the sky and brought him the cup.”

Paul pogba on Racist abuse
“Racist insults are ignorance and can only make me stronger and motivate me to fight for the next generation.”